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Birthdate:Aug 13
Location:Czech Republic
veronica main fandoms: stargate atlantis (1-3); battlestar galactica; gilmore girls; farscape; stargate sg-1; house md; how i met your mother; dollhouse; the big bang theory; doctor who; firefly; sanctuary; friends.
also familiar with: the lost world; pushing daisies; the oc; veronica mars; lost; bionic woman; torchwood.
characters:elizabeth; john; rodney; carson | laura; sam; helo; bill; sharon; six; saul; kara | logan; lorelai; rory; chris | john; aeryn; scorpy; jool; sikozu; chiana; rygel | jack; daniel; vala; cameron; samantha | stacy; cuddy; wilson; house | barney; ted; robin | martha; ten; rose; nine; sarah jane | mal; inara; simon | will; henry; helen | chandler; rachel
ships: elizabeth/john; elizabeth/anyone | laura/bill; sam/kara; helo/sharon; saul/ellen; saul/six | logan/rory; lorelai/chris | john/aeryn; scorpy/sikozu | jack/samantha; daniel/vala; liz/daniel; cameron/vala; liz/jack; liz/cameron | cuddy/house; stacy/house | barney/robin; ted/robin | martha/ten; rose/nine; martha/jack; martha/tom | mal/inara; simon/kaylee | chandler/monica
18. czech. student. coffee addict. loves shopping & going out with her fiends. is obsessed with shoes. enjoys watching tv shows & fashion. plays tennis. is interested in politics. admires hillary clinton. wants to be a lawyer & politician one day. would like to live in new york.
music: three days grace. blink 182. sum41. simple plan. the offspring. 100 zvířat. tři sestry.

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adama, adama/roslin, aeryn sun, anti-kara/lee, apollo, barney stinson, battlestar galactica, ben browder, bill/laura, bionic woman, blink 182, boomer, bsg, chase/cameron, chiana, chuck/ned, claudia black, clothes, coffee, czech, daniel jackson, daniel/vala, diplomacy, doctor who, doctor/martha, doctor/rose, edward james olmos, elizabeth weir, elizabeth/anyone, elizabeth/daniel, elizabeth/gun, eyesex, fanfiction, farscape, fashion, firefly, freema agyeman, friends, gilmore girls, grace park, graphics, helo, helo/athena, hillary clinton, hillary for president 2008, hillary rodham clinton, himym, history, house md, house/cuddy, house/stacy, i-always-wanna-kiss-you, icons, international relations, jack oneill, jack/martha, jack/samantha, joe flanigan, john crichton, john sheppard, john/aeryn, john/elizabeth, jool, journalist, kara thrace, kara/anders, katee sackhoff, kaylee/simon, laura roslin, law, legen...wait for it...dary!, lisa edelstein, living history, logan huntzberger, logan/rory, lorelai, lost, mal/inara, martha jones, mary mcdonnell, michael shanks, michael trucco, music, mythology, political campaigns, politics, psychology, pushing daisies, richard dean anderson, rodney mckay, roslin/adama, sam/jack, samuel t anders, sanctuary, save my soul, sawyer, sawyer/kate, scorpy, scorpy/sikozu, serenity, sg1, sga, sheppard/weir, shopping, sikozu, simple plan, snowboard, sparky, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, sum 41, summer, ted mosby, tennis, the clintons, the long goodbye, the lost world, the offspring, the simpsons, three days grace, torri higginson, tv, tv shows, vala maldoran, veronica mars, veronica/logan
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